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A crown veneers is a type of cap that completely
covers a real tooth

 Dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that can be put over a tooth or dental implant. This treatment is generally recommended for patients with weak, broken or crooked teeth. In cases where it is not possible to bleach the tooth, dental crowns can also be used to cover the tooth. For our patients who want to get a crown treatment, we offer different material options such as zirconium, E-Max and metal porcelain.

Zirconium Crowns antalya  They are the most preferred type of crowns in terms of aesthetics and durability. Thanks to their precise workmanship and superior material properties, they have a high biocompatibility. They do not cause any unwanted gum discolouration over time, which is very common in tooth crowns with metal substructure. They can also be preferred for dental bridges.

E-max Crowns antalya  E-Max, a new-generation porcelain type, is produced by burning glass-ceramic under pressure on the crystal core with pressed ceramic without the use of metal or zirconium substructure. It consists entirely of ceramic. It meets the aesthetic expectation very well.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crown antalya  It is a type of crown in which various metal alloys produced for use in the field of dentistry are used as the substructure of porcelain. This method which stands out with its high durability has been used in dentistry for a long time. In terms of aesthetics, it is not as popular as other methods.

Crown Treatment | Antalya Turkey | Go Clinic Turkey

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