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Can Dental Implants
be Performed in a Day?

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Dental implants are the best way to give you new teeth, such as your natural teeth, when you experience loss of teeth due to dental diseases or any reason. When this happens, most patients wonder 'Can dental implants be performed in a day?' in order to carry out the treatment process as soon as possible. We can briefly describe implants as titanium screws placed on your jawbone. You do not have to be afraid immediately because during the procedure, the area is completely numbed with local anesthesia and you don't feel any pain. Dental prosthesis is placed on the screw-like implants mentioned. It would not be wrong to say that implant teeth have many advantages. Your implant acts as a root tooth after treatment. Thanks to your dental implants, you can easily eat and talk. Maintenance is quite easy. Your care process works just like your natural teeth. Most importantly, after your implant treatment, you regain your old natural smile and smile with confidence.

You may often hear it around you, but you may wonder if it is true. Such a beneficial treatment process can be completed in a short time and 'Can dental implants be performed in a day?'. Let's examine the subject in depth and try to explain whether dental implants can be performed in a day and who can do it.

Can Dental Implants be Performed in a Day?
What's a dental implant in a day?

We mentioned that implants function like a tooth root and provide a solid base for attaching natural-looking crowns. However, traditional dental implant treatments will require an improvement process between implant placement and crown placement. When you receive dental implant treatment in a day, your temporary but functional teeth are placed on your dental implants on the same day. This will give you a unique treatment. Your temporary teeth allow you to safely perform your speaking, feeding, smiling actions until permanent teeth are placed. So you will not be toothless in your treatment process. We understand the sensitivity of our guests, who take their implant treatments especially in our dental clinic in Antalya and combine their treatments with holidays. As Go Clinic Turkey Oral and Dental Health Clinic, we pay great attention to the cosmetics of your teeth during the treatment process and we are proud to be a successful practitioner of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey.

Who can get a dental implant in a day?

Your first examination in our dental clinic in Antalya is important for the treatment of dental implants in a day. In addition, you can share your oral health history from your country and details about your past treatments with us.

In this way, our physicians determine your special needs during your treatment process. Generally speaking, a dental implant can be performed in a day by anyone who suffers from missing or diseased teeth and has sufficient bone density. In addition, it may be very important that you do not already have dental disease. Our physicians want to make sure that your general oral health is in place before starting your dental implant treatment.

What are the benefits of dental implants on the same day?

When successfully administered by specialist physicians, this treatment will provide high patient satisfaction. Because you get new teeth in a day. You do not need to use partial or complete prostheses that may be uncomfortable in your healing process. In addition to this, you can easily eat, smile and talk during your recovery process. In this way, you will not feel uncomfortable during your treatment process and you will never compromise on your daily routines and pleasure. In this treatment method, applications such as bone grafts are not required because we maximize the use of your bone by placing your dental implants in the area where they are naturally strong.

As Go Clinic Turkey Oral and Dental Health Clinic, we serve by combining our many years of experience with the energy from our amateur spirit. You can contact us when determining your treatment process and get information about many advantages such as transfer, accommodation and guidance services that you can benefit from during your trip as well as all your questions.

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