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Go Clinic Turkey Team

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Why us

As Go Clinic Turkey Family, we set out with the aim of providing you with the smiles you have dreamed of. Your smile has always been the source of our dedication to work. Since the day we were founded, we have ensured that every patient visiting to our clinic leaves with a happy smile. We provide the highest quality services by combining our dental and oral health expertise with our state-of-the-art equipment and friendly approach. We will always stand by your side to meet all your needs before and after your treatment in the Go Clinic Turkey. In our clinic, which strictly adheres to high-level hygiene rules, you will find the necessary comfort and have a painless treatment process.

“Your smile is our passion”

The Go Clinic Team adopts an approach that aims to find the best solution for your problems and offers you comprehensive dental treatments with an understanding of service that is innovative and of high quality. We are at your disposal with our specialist dentists, our hygiene personnel and our friendly receptionist in our modern clinic.

Our Team
Go Clinic Turkey Team

Experienced Specialist Team

We are a team of professionals aiming to offer the best dental practices. Thanks to our professional experience of more than 15 years and our numerous satisfied patients, we continue to show a successful progress.

Senior Dentist

GönĂŒl Olcar

She was born in 1984 in Kayseri. She completed the primary education at Aydınlıkevler Primary School, secondary education at Sema Yazar Anatolian High School and the high school education in NevƟehir Science High School

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Alper Uysal

Alper Uysal

Alper Uysal, born in 1997 in Antalya, completed his primary and secondary education at Kumluca Primary School. He has completed his high school education at Toros Akdeniz High School. He graduated from Antalya Akdeniz University Faculty of Dentistry in 2020 with the 3rd degree. He specialized in aesthetic restorations, composite bonding, endodontic treatment, implant-supported prosthesis applications. Dt. Alper Uysal’s special interests are reading articles related to his field, playing football and travelling.

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Dentist Hilal Salçın

Hilal Salçın

Hilal SALÇIN, born in 1997 in Ankara, completed her primary and secondary education at Sevim Aras Primary School and her high school education at Polatlı Science High School. She graduated from Denizli Pamukkale University Faculty of Dentistry in 2022 with the 1st degree. Her specialties are endodontic treatments, aesthetic restorations, composite bondings. One of her main interests is painting and she is fond of playing her violin.

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Academic Certificates

March 2011, ITALY - Dt Olcar - Certificate of Attendance “PERI IMPLANTITIS: Clinical Data, Risks and Treatment” International Symposium

August 2013, ISTANBUL - Dt Olcar - Certificate of Attendance FDI 101st Annual World Dental Congress “Bridging Continents for Global Oral Health”

April 2015, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA - Dt Olcar - Certificate of Participation “BioHorizons Global Symposiums”

May 2017, DUBAI - Dt Olcar - International Dental Symposium

July 2017, SPAIN, Dt Olcar - “Immediate Implant Placement and Bone Graft”

May 2018, MOSCOW, Dt Olcar - “Advanced Surgical Technics of Implantology”

June 2018, Dt Olcar - Certificate of participation “Course on Immediate Loading with All on 4 concept”

November 2018, Seul South KOREA, Dt Olcar - “Solutions of Periimplantitis

March 2019, Köln GERMANY, “IDS”

May 2019, JAPAN, Dental Symposium

August 2019 - Dt Olcar - Certification of Completion “Implantology Advanced Surgical Procedures Course”

November 2020, New York USA, Dt Olcar - “Flawless Implant Surgery”

What we do

As Go Clinic Turkey, we have three different clinics which are situated in different locations of Turkey. Among these, our clinic in Antalya stands out with the dental tourism.
In our Go Clinic Antalya team, we have 4 dentists, 4 nurses, a receptionist, a hygienist and a communication coordinator who serves our patients coming from abroad. Our team, whose motivation derives from patients’ satisfaction, works to ensure that our patients receive the most accurate and comfortable treatments. In our modern clinic, you can get treatments suitable for today's technology. In our clinic, where equipment, dentist chairs and laboratory are renewed every 3 years, you can get up-to-date dental treatments in a hygienic environment. As a result, our patients’ health and satisfaction has always been a constant priority for our clinic. It is very valuable for us to receive a "Thank you" feedback from our patients. That’s why we do our best for our customers. For more information, you can check our "About Us" page.

Awards and Achievements

Go Clinic Turkey has memberships in many associations and foundations, among which in particular Turkey Association of Oral Health, TAOMS, Health Commission of Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen Foundation (TÜSİAV) and 'First Health Platform'.

Go Clinic was awarded the prize of ‘Distinguished Service as the Most Successful Business Development and Sectoral Awareness Raising Activity’ in the year 2014.

Dt. Olcar was awarded for “new developments and innovations in the field of Dentistry” in the year 2015.

The Best Oral and Dental Health Center of the Year 2018.

2019’s Most Successful Dental Clinic Award.


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Dentistry is our biggest passion. We believe that everyone deserves a happy and healthy smile design. Everything you may need for dental treatments are provided in our dental clinic in Antalya.

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