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Dental Treatments Offered
In Our Clinic

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Thanks to our experience in dentistry and the new generation technologies we use, we offer the most accurate dental treatments for you.

With our treatments we support your oral and dental health and enable you to live a healthy life and regain your self-confidence with a beautiful smile.

Laminate Veneers Antalya

Laminate Veneers are also known as porcelain veneers that are bonded to the frontal surface of the teeth...

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Crown Treatment Antalya

Dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that can be put over a tooth or dental implant. This treatment is generally recommended for patients with weak, broken or crooked teeth. In cases where it is not...

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Smile Design Antalya

It is a method of redesigning the smile whose aesthetic structure is impaired due to problems in teeth and gums by taking into account the shape of lips, face and chin...

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Implant Treatment Antalya

Dental implant treatment that provides natural-looking teeth instead of missing teeth raises the living standards, allowing you to eat, speak and smile comfortably...

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All on 4 Antalya / All on 6 Antalya

All on 4 is a technique which can be applied to patients with excessive bone loss, where 4 implants are placed in a specially angled position and the patient's temporary dentures can be placed on the same day...

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Bonding Antalya

We apply a tooth bonding treatment with simple dental touches in order to improve the oral and dental health and make...

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Teeth Whitening
(Bleaching) Antalya

With our teeth whitening treatment, we remove discolouration and stains which occur on the enamel and dentin layer of the teeth for various reasons...

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Dental Bridges Antalya

We provide treatment for the missing teeth in your mouth with dental bridges supported by two natural abutment teeth on each side of the missing tooth. Dental bridge consisting of a specially designed pontic...

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Invisalign Antalya

It is mostly used in the correction of mild or moderate tooth irregularities. Thanks to the Invisalign method, you do not need to use an orthodontic wire. It is a procedure where braces designed only for your teeth are used…

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Sinus Lifting
and Bone Graft

Expansion of sinus cavities causes a reduction in the bone volume. Such reductions in bone volume may affect the success of the implant treatment...

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Root Canal Treatment Antalya
(Endondontik Treatment)

When diseases related to root canals and nerve tissue of the tooth and other tissues surrounding the tooth are…

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(Gum diseases)

They are inflammatory diseases that occur in the gums and other tissues that support teeth and negatively affect oral health. Early diagnosis in periodontal…

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Conservative Treatments

Impaired dental tissues that have lost their function due to tooth decay or wear are removed…

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Tooth Extraction Antalya

With today's technological developments, our first goal is to treat the tooth. However, tooth extraction is applied to teeth that are incurable due to the problems such as caries, infection, inflammation…

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Dental Tourism
Services in Numbers

Having the best diagnostic tools and equipment on the market allows us to perform the best treatments faster, easier and more accurately.

Dental Tourism Services are provided in our dental clinic by our dentists who are dedicated to perfection and passionate about aesthetics.

Dentistry is our profession, but our focus is on people. Enjoy a healthy smile. Be one of our thousands of satisfied patients.

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Patient Feedback

Thanks to the consistent and quality services provided by our qualified and experienced dentists and technical team, we have received positive feedback from our patients. You can review our "Feedbacks" page to get information about our patient satisfaction.

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Implant Treatment

Tom Richard

“The best dental treatments i have ever had. Doctors and other staff were very friendly and good. Go Clinic Turkey, the best clinics in turkey for implant treatment."

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Tooth Extraction


“A clinic where you can get painless and effective treatment. It was also great to have a holiday in Antalya :) "

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Laser Bleaching

Patty Ellison

“I had a laser bleaching in Go Clinic Turkey, and I am incredibly satisfied with the result. Everyone loved my smile when I returned to my country. "

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Crown Treatment

Rachel Kimona

“I came from America to Turkey for crown treatment. Dt. Gönül Olcar , they were both very interested and successful doctors. I love my new smile! :) "

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Dental Surgery

Jane Scott

“I am writing to thank you for the beautiful work you did for me. Coming down to Antalya for my two implants was the best decision I could have made."

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Full Dental Implants

Trixie Payton

“To get to go on vacation and save 10,000 £ over what I would have had to pay in UK, what a great concept. Thanks for putting it all together."

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Dental Surgery

Brad Wilson

“If it hadn’t been for the amazing effort you put forth on my behalf, I’d still be talking about going someday. I can never thank you enough!"

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Kristin Yang

“I was very satisfied with the standard of care that we received. It was just perfect and the team gave us much confidence. We are very grateful for all your work."

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Smile Makeover

Revan Willson

“Best idea and experience i have ever seen, not only İ got my dental surgery but had a great vacation in Antalya thanks to Go Clinic, Tessekuler :)"

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Dental İmplant

Faraz Ahmed

“I came here from America for making dental implant, the process was easy, simple, fast and affordable. Thank you Go Clinic Turkey."

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Dentistry is our biggest passion. We believe that everyone deserves a happy and healthy smile design. Everything you may need for dental treatments are provided in our dental clinic in Antalya.

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