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Antalya dental tourism
and Dental holiday

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For our patients coming from abroad to Turkey Antalya dental tourism, we provide a special service which includes both a dental treatment and dental tourism. We call this service “dental tourism”.

Free Consultation

You can send us any questions about your needs through the online chat box, WhatsApp button or contact form on our website. Our dentists will review your request, provide advice on the necessary treatments and inform you about the estimated total cost.

Flight Reservation

You can book your flights according to the appointment dates we have agreed upon. We can help you choose the best flights. Once your flights are booked, we will confirm your dental appointment.

Dental tourism Antalya, Dental holiday in Antalya
Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, Turkey

Accomodation in Antalya
in Antalya

As part of your treatment, we choose the most suitable hotel for you among the most beautiful hotels in Antalya and reserve a room free of charge for you. We see all our patients as our guests and do not charge any extra amount for our services.

Arrival in Antalya
in Antalya

When you arrive at Antalya Airport, you will be greeted by one of our friendly English-speaking staff. Depending on the selected appointment, our employee will bring you either to your hotel or our dental clinic. If you wish, we can give you a mobile phone where you can find all the contact numbers of our clinic. You can use it for the duration of your stay.

Go Clinic Turkey, Antalya

Go Clinic Turkey, Antalya

Dental Treatment

Most of our treatments will let you go back home with new teeth after just one visit, including teeth extraction, implants and prosthesis adjustment. In some cases, you may need to come again. The prosthesis you will get in the initial visit will be fully functional and will let you lead a normal life from the first day, but won’t be completely adapted to the new configuration of your mouth, so, after some months, when the gum has healed completely, you will have to make a second visit to have this provisional teeth substituted by a definitive prosthesis adapted to your new mouth and designed to optimize your bite.

Our treatments
Before and After

If you would like to find out more about how we can make your smile dreams come true, simply browse the rest of our site, contact us through our appointment form, or call us over Whatsapp at +90 (539) 778-6364 to get an appointment with our dentists.

antalya dental centre, dental clinic, best dentist in antalya, veneers, teeth Before and After
Follow up and Warranty
Follow up
and Warranty

We explain in detail what you need to do at home in the post-treatment period, and provide the best aftercare for you. As Go Clinic Turkey, we provide assurance for all our treatments, we want you to know that you can easily reach us in any problem you may experience. You can get an offer immediately to experience a high-quality and comfortable treatment and enjoy your Mediterranean holiday.

Go Clinic Turkey Dental Clinic

Dentistry is our biggest passion. We believe that everyone deserves a happy and healthy smile design. Everything you may need for dental treatments are provided in our dental clinic in Antalya.

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