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Smile Design Antalya Turkey

Smile Design in Antalya

It is a method of redesigning the smile whose aesthetic structure is impaired due to problems in teeth and gums by taking into account the shape of lips, face and chin. In order to choose the most appropriate and correct method for the patient, the patient is asked to express his dissatisfaction with his teeth and smile before the treatment.

After your clinical examination conducted before the intervention, photos of your mouth, smile and face are taken at certain angles. Taking your lip shape into consideration, your desired smile design are brought into the final form in the rehearsals. Thanks to these photos transferred to digital environment, you can see the final form of your smile design before starting the process and experience it for yourself with the mock-up to be prepared in the laboratory environment. If you like your smile design planned as a result of the rehearsal made with temporary restorations prepared specifically in accordance with your mouth, our dentists start the necessary clinical applications.

In addition to the improvements in the tooth structure, the harmony of the teeth with the lips and face is also ensured with smile design treatment. After the interventions within the scope of the treatment, you will have an aesthetic and proportional smile.

Smile Design Antalya Turkey

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