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Can you have a
full-mouth dental implant?

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One of the questions frequently asked by patients before their implant treatments is 'Can I have a full-mouth dental implant?'. The number of patients wondering whether implants applied generally to a single tooth or several teeth can also be applied to all teeth in the mouth is quite high. If all your teeth are missing or if it is predicted that a decrease in your teeth will occur due to certain reasons, your implants can be placed within a day and your treatment can be completed by placing teeth on them. During this process, your teeth, which are thought to be lost, are also pulled out. In this way, you can have a full-mouth dental implant.

Can you have a full mouth dental implant?
Who can have a full-mouth dental implant?

Everyone who has experienced a loss in all of their teeth, has a potential tooth loss as a result of examinations carried out or has lost or may lose their teeth due to diabetes can have a full-mouth dental implant.

Before starting a full-mouth dental implant treatment, our highly specialized dentists examine your medical history and teeth. After the diagnosis and planning phase, you can start your treatment process with our dentists.

What is a full-mouth dental implant

Today, many people experience dental and gum problems arising from many reasons such as diet, long-term neglect of dental care, diseases that affect dental health. These problems appear as gingivitis, broken dental crowns and bridges, cosmetically problematic teeth, and can also lead to tooth loss. Thanks to a full-mouth dental implant, you can bring a permanent solution to these problems and prevent many problems and tooth decays that may occur in your tooth roots.

When you have a full-mouth dental implants, six or eight implants are placed in your upper jaw and four or six implants in your lower jaw after the diagnosis and planning phase, which includes processes such as CT and x-ray scanning and your smile design. This operation may vary depending on the type of implant used. Ensuring the successful healing of implants within a host bone can require to wait for 0-6 months or prostheses can be applied immediately, depending on the case. In the next stage, your durable and natural looking new teeth are fixed.

What is a full-mouth dental implant
What is the cost of full-mouth dental implant application?

The cost of full-mouth dental implants may vary according to many factors, depending on the characteristics of the case, as well as the reputation of the clinic where the application is performed, the region, the type and number of implants. Treatments applied in dental clinics in Turkey are cheaper by 70% compared to the treatments in countries like USA, Canada and European countries. With its high quality standards and experience in this field, our dental clinic in Antalya offers you full service with facilities such as accommodation, transfer and guidance within the framework of general pricing in our country.

What are the advantages of full-mouth dental implants?

Application of full-mouth dental implants provides great advantages in comparison to alternative dental treatments. For example, after this application, you will have healthy and completely natural looking teeth. In addition, implant-supported bridges and prostheses are very long-lasting. Although the bones in the roots deteriorate over time in traditional prostheses, implant-supported bridges and prostheses provide protection to the bones. In addition, when you have a full-mouth implant, your dental care will be easier in the following period.


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