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Should I Have
Dentures or Implants?

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Today, many people suffer from oral and dental diseases. These diseases can affect your social life with cosmetic effects as well as making it difficult to meet your most basic needs by negatively affecting your nutritional level. If you also suffer from unbearable toothache, it will be understood that oral and dental diseases should be treated with practical and long-lasting solutions. At this point, many of our patients will wonder if they should have a denture or implant in order to solve these problems. Both dentures and implants can be excellent solutions to replace decayed and missing teeth. Even if we dentists recommend implant treatments for many reasons, it would be wrong to say that this option is right for everyone. It should not be forgotten that every patient is one of their kind and treatment processes should be determined according to the patient's demands and requirements at this stage. In the continuation of our article, it would be healthier to answer your question of whether I should have a denture or implant by mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of dentures and implants, and provide you with a preliminary information before coming to our dental clinic.

Should I Have Dentures or Implants
What are the advantages of having dentures?

First of all, you can find all information about the types of dentures, how they are applied and the healing processes by reviewing our other blog posts. Here we will only look into the general advantages and disadvantages of dentures.

Dentures offer less costly solutions to your missing teeth problems than dental implants. Thus, it is an easily accessible treatment method for everyone. If you are a patient with bone loss, you may want to know that dentures can be applied without pre-treatment processes. In addition, the processes in denture treatments are shorter than implant treatments and can be performed in an average of three dental clinic visits.

What are the disadvantages of having dentures?

It would not be wrong to say that dentures are less useful than implants. Since your dentures will be uncomfortable in the first place, it may take time for you to get used to it. Again, dentures can have a loose structure compared to dental implants. This can adversely affect your activities such as eating or speaking. After denture treatment, ptyalism is one of the disadvantages of prostheses.

What are the advantages of having dental implants?

Although dental implant treatments are considered as a benefit of modern medicine, they have been successfully applied for about 50 years. The success rate of dental implant treatment in dental clinics in Turkey is over 95%. In addition, the maintenance of dental implants is easy, just like your natural teeth, and they are durable when taking care of oral care. Implants, which function like your natural teeth during your daily activities, thus ensure that your jawbone continues to grow. It is also an advantage that you should not forget that they will restore your natural smile.

What are the disadvantages of dental implants?

When you ask what the disadvantages of dental implants are, the first factor that comes to mind is that implant treatments are more costly than denture treatments. However, you can make implant treatments more cost-efficient for yourself. You can benefit from affordable dental treatment prices in Turkey by getting implant treatment in our dental clinic in Antalya, and you can research to travel abroad for a single dental implant or for full mouth dental implants.

As Go Clinic Turkey, we provide service by combining our experience that we have gained over many years with the energy deriving from our amateur spirit. While determining your treatment process, you can contact us and get information about any matters concerning your treatment as well as many advantages such as transfer, accommodation and guidance services that you can benefit during your trip.


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