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How Can I Get Free
Dental implants

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Getting a dental implant is a costly process. Patients may have to spend a lot of money for this procedure, as implants are placed through a series of operations and are specially designed for each patient's own mouth and tooth structure. In our previous articles, we have mentioned that having dental implants in European countries and especially in the UK is quite expensive. Due to treatments which cost approximately 2000 pounds for a single tooth and approximately 25,000 pounds for full-mouth dental implants, it has become a very common behaviour to ask the question ‘How Can I Get Free Dental implants’ and carry out researches connected therewith.

How can i get free dental implants
What should I pay attention to when carrying out a research for free dental implants

A study conducted reveals that citizens living in the USA lose 68 million USD annually to health fraudsters and dental treatment frauds constitute a significant part of this figure. We can say that there is a big fraud especially on dental implants. This is, of course, why dental implants are quite costly in the USA, Canada, UK and other European countries and people want to avoid this cost in some way. The type of fraud usually encountered in dental implants is that implants involve hidden fees. For example, a dental implant ad may tell you that the procedure is free for a certain date, but you will have to pay for the implants themselves. For example, an advertisement on dental implant can tell you that the dental implant surgery is free for a certain date. However, you will have to pay for the implants themselves. The cost inflated secretly in this way may reach the amount you will have to pay for a dental implant treatment in total.

Where can I get free dental implants

As agreed by most dentists, implants are the best way to replace your missing tooth or teeth. In this way, you will both regain your old natural smile and get a healthy oral health. This process will also contribute to your self-confidence and make you feel good. It can be said that there are some ways to get dental implants for free in the UK and USA. However, this entails a long and difficult process and not everyone can benefit from this right. There are many expense items for a dentist to spend for your dental implant treatment, including rent, insurance, salary, production, and materials. In other words, if the dentist offers you this procedure for free, he/she will lose money. So it can be very difficult to find dentists or organizations that provide a free dental implant treatment.

Dental schools need patients to provide education to their students. Therefore, you can get dental implants for free in some clinics in addition to some dental schools in the USA and England, provided that you participate in treatment trials as a test subject. In addition, there are some aid programs and grants. You can also try out ways to get free dental implants by carrying out researches for NHS practices.

Who can get free dental implant treatment

As mentioned above, you can take part in the treatment trials of dental schools and some clinics or apply to some charities. There are also some non-governmental communities in countries such as the USA, Canada, and the UK that offer free implant treatments for veterans and some people over the age of 55, or that cover the cost of these procedures. For example, if you are one of the individuals who has been on active duty for 3 months or more in the Persian Gulf and is entitled to compensation for 100% incapacity for work, you can check the programs provided by similar charities.

Travel abroad for your dental implants

One of the facts that should be noted in this matter is that, as mentioned above, getting free dental implant treatment may require a long process. Especially in oral and dental health clinics in our country, Turkey, as well as in European countries such as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, you can have your dental implants for less than half the costs in your country. In this way, you will both get rid of your dental problems safely as soon as possible and discover a new country and have the chance to turn your treatment into an unforgettable holiday.


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