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Which Countries are the
best for Dental implants

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Let's start by answering the question of why you should have an implant abroad. Dental implants treatment is quite expensive in the USA, Canada, European countries and Arab countries compared to other countries in the world. In addition, while a very long process is required for your dental implant treatment and other dental treatments in these countries, it is possible to have a treatment in alternative countries and shorten this period.

Which country is best for dental implants
How can we choose our destination to have a dental implant

First of all, we should say that oral and dental health is one of the most important factors that increase the quality of life. When applied successfully, dental implants last for many years and provide you with an important assurance about your oral and dental health. However, care should be taken for a wrong treatment method or the adverse consequences that may arise from the application. This kind of situation will damage you both financially and in term of wasted time as well as may cause a psychological trauma on you. In other words, we would not be mistaken if we consider that reliability should take the first place among our criteria. Another criterion is undoubtedly the cost of dental treatments, as mentioned earlier. In addition to these, the fact that, when you are already traveling to a new country, this country has tourism resources worth seeing can offer you the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

In the light of all this information, let’s take a look at Turkey which has a success rate up to 99% in the dental implant treatment and stands out as a strong alternative destination.

Are dental clinics in Turkey reliable

Dental clinics in Turkey are inspected twice a year, based on the principles of medical service, quality and reliability, in accordance with the international standards of the Ministry of Health. With the investments made in our country for many years, the health infrastructure has significantly improved and the education received by dentists has increased accordingly. Dental clinics in Turkey are also equipped with the state-of-the-art technology in the field of dentistry.

Which Countries are the best for Dental implants
At what level is dental implant cost in Turkey compared to other countries

When we make a comparison with alternative countries, Turkey ranks as the most affordable country at the top of the rankings where countries such as Spain, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic are available, with a cost of average 858 USD for a single dental implant in 2019. This treatment is priced in the England at an average of £ 2,698. As can be understood from these data, dental clinics in Turkey will be a very rational choice for patients traveling from European countries and especially the UK to Turkey for dental implant treatment. Our country is also the preferred choice for patients from the USA and Canada, with very low dental treatment costs compared to South American countries.

Which location is preferable for dental implant treatment in Turkey

Who wouldn't want to travel to another country for dental treatments and turn the treatment process into a perfect holiday Turkey has the best dental clinics in many cities with health investments made for many years. However, Antalya is undoubtedly the best option for dental treatments in our country, with the importance given to health tourism and some of the world's most beautiful tourism facilities in the city. When you get dental implants and all other dental treatments at Go Clinic Turkey Oral and Dental Health Clinic, you will be treated by our specialized dentists in our clinic equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies, and you do not need to worry about the perfect holiday you will spend during your treatment. From the moment you decide to make a dental tourism, all issues ranging from your flight reservation to your inner city transfers, from your accommodation to your travel guide are resolved by our professional staff, and when you return to your country after your treatment process, our dentists will continue to support you in your dental care.


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