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Does Food Get Under
Dental implants

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First of all, it is worth noting that in the processes following the implant treatment the patients are recommended to maintain a diet consisting of non-hard foods for a day. Purees, yoghurt, soups can be given as examples. You can prevent problems that may occur by following these diets prescribed after your dental implant treatment, by not neglecting your oral care and by not delaying your routine checks.

After this information, let's answer your question. In some cases, food residues or foreign materials may accumulate and get stuck around the teeth and implants. In fact, we know that this situation is also common in the natural structure of the teeth. For example, foods such as seeds and popcorn may remain around your teeth or implants in some cases, and this may rarely cause inflammation.

Does food get under full dental implants
What should we do if food gets stuck in our dental implant

First of all, as in all oral and dental health procedures, taking care of your oral and dental care after implant treatment is of great importance in the success of the treatment. Dental care is not a one-sided process, after the treatment processes, not only the dentists but also our patients are responsible for the care of teeth. Given that you followed the diet and instructions prescribed by your dentist after the treatment, but despite this, a food got stuck around your dental implant. In this case, you can first try toothbrush, dental floss and mouthwash methods. If the problem is not solved in this way and redness, pain and inflammation appear in the gum area around your implant, you should immediately seek our medical care.

As with almost all health problems, pain or inflammation in your dental implant may deteriorate over time. As in all dental clinics, our clinic attaches great importance to routine checks and dental health follow-up after treatments. Therefore, you can immediately contact our clinic in the specified cases and avoid potential problems.

What should we pay attention to after implant treatment

While some behaviours accelerate the healing process after the treatment, some negative behaviours unfortunately prolong this process. First of all, after the implant treatment, no tobacco product should be used for the period prescribed by us. If after the implant treatment there is any loosening or fixation problem on the implant, the dentist must be informed and this situation should not be neglected. In such a case, dentists in our clinic will definitely check your implant. In addition, oral and dental care recommendations provided by our dentists should be taken into consideration, and dental care should not be neglected after implant treatment.

How should proper care be for dental implants

When we make a comparison with alternative countries, Turkey ranks as the most affordable country at the top of the rankings where countries such as Spain, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic are available, with a cost of average 858 USD for a single dental implant in 2019. This treatment is priced in the England at an average of £ 2,698. As can be understood from these data, dental clinics in Turkey will be a very rational choice for patients traveling from European countries and especially the UK to Turkey for dental implant treatment. Our country is also the preferred choice for patients from the USA and Canada, with very low dental treatment costs compared to South American countries.

Which location is preferable for dental implant treatment in Turkey

Dental implants will provide you with perfect teeth designed for you. In addition, you will get a completely natural appearance and perfect dental health after your dental implant treatment. In other words, your dental implants require a care process just like your old natural teeth. You can brush your teeth with your standard toothpaste and floss safely without any worry.


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