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Are You Eligible For
Dental Implants?

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It is common to see a decrease in your natural teeth for many reasons. If you have a loss of permanent teeth or suffer from dental diseases, implant treatments may be your savior. In addition to this, in some cases, we dentists can tell you that you should receive implant treatment for your oral health. Many patients may worry about 'Are dental implants painful?' or may wonder the answer to the question 'Do you sleep for dental implants?' in the process of deciding to have dental implants. To answer your questions transparently in order to manage your entire treatment process in a healthy way. Then let's continue and answer your question 'Do you sleep for dental implants?' from different angles.

Are dental implants painful?

When you think about 'Do you sleep for dental implants?', it should be examined whether the operation is an application that requires general anesthesia. Dental implants are not painful compared to the vast majority of patients who survive the treatment process. As dentists, in all dental treatments, we numb the relevant region in terms of both the patient's comfort and our own comfort. This way you will never feel pain during the procedure. However, we expect mild pain for 2-3 days after the procedure. During this time, you can use painkillers recommended by our clinic physicians.

Local or general anesthesia in the implant?

In implant treatments, we can describe the implant placement process as a simpler procedure than a tooth extraction. Therefore, we do not consider general anesthesia necessary. A local anesthesia will be sufficient for both you and our physicians to feel comfortable during the procedure. However, if an operation where bone is removed from your body and this bone tissue is used to support your implant is required, our physicians may decide to apply general anesthesia by consulting with our oral surgeons.

Another application that can help you feel comfortable during implant treatments is conscious sedation. It is usually combined with a local anesthetic. You are aware of your environment and can answer our questions. But you feel quite relaxed. This anesthesia option may be preferred for patients with severe dental phobia, but we generally do not consider it necessary in implant treatments.

Should I be afraid of dental implants?

Sometimes it is quite normal to spend sleepless nights worrying before a dental implant application. Don't worry, a lot of people feel the same way. 'Should I be afraid of dental implant treatment?' is one of the most frequently asked questions. However, when you examine the process, you will realize that this fear is unfounded for many reasons.

First of all, do not worry, our physicians who carry out their studies in our clinic are very experienced in dental implant treatments. By constantly talking to you before, during and after the procedure, they answer your questions and ensure that the process works transparently. In addition, local anesthesia will be applied in general, and our physicians will prefer other types of anesthesia if they deem it necessary. In this way, you will not feel pain.

As Go Clinic Turkey Oral and Dental Health Clinic, we serve by combining our many years of experience with the energy from our amateur spirit. You can contact us when determining your treatment process and get information about many advantages such as transfer, accommodation and guidance services that you can benefit from during your trip as well as all your curiosities.


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